Carlos Welch – The Mindset Advantage Podcast #36

Carlos Welch has been playing and studying the game of poker for over ten years.

He is a writer for various poker media outlets and has been a frequent guest on several poker podcasts.

He plays small to mid-stakes tournaments and is well known for his extreme frugality – most notably his decision to live in a van.

Although he travels the world playing poker, he is not quite a professional poker player. He considers himself more of a professional poker student.

You can keep up as he lives his dream by watching his Twitch channel at and following him on Twitter at @HipHop101Trivia.

This week you’ll learn: The two activities you can use to boost your happiness and reduce depression How Carlos got a room for just $350 per month in Vegas for the WSOP How your overall life happiness should be factored into the games you play How to be a successful player without becoming jaded Why the “expense” side of poker profitability is just as important as “revenue”


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