Charlotte Walsh Possession Audition

Hello! This is is my First ever audition piece for 20 yrs. Born in Detroit ..raised in teh UK I have had my passion relit for what I alway’s wanted as a young girl of around 8.Hanging out in the green room at the Oxford Playhouse and doing Thetre in college and school plays and local theater. Life cathces up ..the dream never dies though!.No I do not smoke never have and I am drinking apple juice …didn’t want to knock over our good wine glass either !! This was a “throw it down and see what sticks”audition. Thank you Ed at Haxan films for believing in me and giving me the lighter fluid!! BTW:I have a British accent and LOVE dialects. Ride horses..used to fence and did fire eating in college..not many people know that! Thank you for watching ..more to come…


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  • Great piece! Although if you're gonna toke on a joint, possibly cough a lot to make it believable and then talk like you are trying swallow… and look "Molly" in the eye. Other than that, it was fantastic.

    J June 29, 2020 11:27 am Reply

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