FLAT EARTH BRITISH.Patagonian Giants,The Welsh & 'Antarctica' & Orphan Girls Ships,The Pied Piper.

Oi! I’m back with Juice.Today we look into the Giants of Patagonia & The Welsh that shipped out of Britain in the mid Nineteenth Century ,and travelled to ends of the Earth to escape Phoenician persecution, and settled in Patagonia on the Southern tip of South America. We look into Orphan Ships,and the nightmare story of the thousands of girls shipped out of Ireland following the famine and went to Australia also in the Eighteenth Century.Also the coincidence the Orphans were shipped on a vessel called the ‘Royal Tar’ we examine the horrendous story .Part two of this vlog we present stunning vintage HD photos of American Cities 1890s. And a look at the real story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin were we discover a very sinister alternative tale. Pic’s of the day ,and much more besides so enjoy all the juice linked, and have a very epic weekend. & the Royal Tar & the Pied Piper & Vintage America in Stunning HD NY & Liede Atlases Thanks Peeps! Martinliedtke7@gmail.com and Flat Earth British Reddit please join that & To Support FEB It’s & . Thanks! for that. Please Make sure to subscribe click the notifications Bell & not miss the juice again. Oi! Some peeps to learn from FEB Subscriber Channel Lee Mowet Wise Up Wise Up Jon Levi Richard Lopez Conspiracy R Us Phillip Druzhinin Mud Jaxydreaming Captain Kirk Sarah Tonen Wake & Bake UAP Channel Don’t sphere the truth Niven Histree & for Tartaria stuff see Drumstick & The upcoming Globe lie tour & Conventions 2019 or so they say That’s it for today peeps enjoy the links ,and i will be back soon God willing! Peace & Love peeps! oi! 😉 Massive thanks FEB Just hit 23K On You Tube woop!! oh and Curious life

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