How Passion for Wellness inspired an Aussie couple to build a Juicing Empire

In this episode, Federico Re interviews Tom Griffith – co-Founder, Chairman, and Director of ‘Emma and Tom’s’.
During this 20 minute discussion, Federico taps into Tom’s entrepreneurial mindset and extracts the pure essence (or juice !) of his success with his business partner Emma Welsh.

The discussion focuses on:

1. What first inspired them to start a juice company, and if they ever envisaged the success that was eventually achieved;

2. The challenges that were faced running a business in the earlier start-up years;

3. How to best deal with competitors / rivals and the sceptics;

4. Why passion, vision, and tolerance to failure, is so important for an entrepreneur;

5. How to best manage a partnership and leverage on each other’s strengths;

6. How technology is relevant or important in the retail sector;

7. The complexities for new start-up businesses entering the marketplace in retail;

8. How to effectively use social media to create a community of followers or loyal customers;

9. How to disrupt the juicing sector to gain market share;

10. The future landscape of health and wellness, and the programs, initiatives, or products they envisage over the next 5-10 years that will benefit the end-user;

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