In The Shadow Of The Mountains S01E00 Introductions

*** Steve/Monin replaces his mic after episode 2 ***
The players and GM introduce themselves and highlight some of the technicalities of Fantasy Grounds, Adventures in Middle Earth (AiME) and Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

00:12 Chris (Brother Hathus)
01:18 Stuart (Amalfrida)
03:43 Steve (Monin)
08:01 John (GM)
10:12 Fantasy Grounds and 5e
12:55 The Map of Rhovannion
15:05 Obsidian Portal ( )
15:35 Weapon hand mod
17:35 5e Actions
18:58 Fantasy Grounds shortcuts
21:06 Neil (Sigmarr The Trickster)
23:20 GM aim

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