Isle of Custard – Son of a Biscuit Eater review

Vanilla custard with sweet cream and our special rich biscuit
10 mls 3mg 70vg/30pg sample kindly sent fror review by Mike at
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Welcome to Isle of Custard
We are based on the Isle of Wight and are a new business.
I’ve been vaping custard flavor juices for a long time, and not much else. When I find a juice I like, I tend to vape it all day every day, until that dreaded vaper’s tongue kicks in, then it’s game over and my delicious custard is gone until my taste buds come back. I tried using menthol’s, and other fruit flavours in between, but I am a man of custard and nothing else compares.
So I set about creating as many different custardy flavors as I could, to try and trick and defeat ‘vaper’s tongue’. I have perfected 8 types so far, and have a few more to be released over the next few months.

I switch between flavors throughout the day and keep that vaper’s tongue at bay, so I can always enjoy a sweet creamy custard vape for those long days out at sea..

I’m not claiming this method is a fool proof way to trick vapers tongue, the truth is that once it hits, it’s there and there’s not much you can do about it, But it will go again. Try taking a few days off whichever flavor it is you’re struggling to taste, and vape another that’s completely different in between, it sometimes works, but not always.

Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl

All ingredients used are free from diacety, as stated by vendors of the concentrates we buy from and as far as we are aware, however some may have Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl, which under the right/wrong conditions can catalyze into trace amounts of Diacetyl. I use these flavorings as sparingly as possible and will contain trace amounts if they do so. I will be sending out samples for batch testing very soon for my own peace of mind, and so I can inform customers more accurately and we are looking into this at this time.

If these ingredients are something that do give you any concerns, then ‘Fool’s Custard’ is our safest custard, which has been made using concentrates that have been re developed by the manufacturers to remove those ingredients.


None of the concentrates or base liquids used throughout all of our recipes contain alcohol. I have researched each ingredient I use to see if they do, we also do not add any alcohol to any of our recipes and finished product.
After further research i have found that one of the ingredients in Captain’s Custard and Pieces of Ape contains alcohol.


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  • Bought 100ml today, now just have to wait for steeping :(,

    gunho98 July 4, 2020 6:52 pm Reply

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