Poneye Top 5 Hurdles Facing Oceans at War

This is a Special Edition of Poneye where we address Oceans at War. Let me say up front. I want Oceans at War to be successful. I realized afterwards that this could be taken as a bash on Konka, but believe me, it’s not. This is more like when you see someone standing in the middle of the street and a big bus heading right for them. You don’t hope the best for them, You Yell BUS!!!!


We’ve all seen it, Kixeye is ripping off oaw with snow-blind, I can’t wait until OAW launches and I can be done with this game, OAW is a Scam. Well Enough, Let’s Address the Elephant in the room.

The Top 5 Hurdles Facing Oceans at War

#5 Lack of Funding

#4 Lack of Interest

#3 Experience

#2 Kixeye

#1 Themselves

Now here is where everything hit’s the fan. Konka isn’t just facing the fact that they have no previous launches, a lack of experience, and the potential loom of the rabid rook waiting to pounce; they also have to look at the very people they are wooing. People get nervous when they see release dates pushed back, and a demo which doesn’t even function the way it would in game. It’s a demo folks, if you just wanted to showcase the graphics, put out a video. Don’t put out a sub demo with no sound, no health bars, no true mechanics (go ahead and clock off the screen and everything freezes). Heck, you put the buttons to be able to submerge and surface, but didn’t give them actual functionality? Those lines are just text and not even in game, you could easily have deleted them. This isn’t me saying this, this is people saying it on your own board and they are 100% right. But that’s not the biggest red flag that people should be looking at. Game mechanics and the fact that we’ve already covered the inexperience simply means that some of the prior listed issues can be chalked up to experience and lack thereof.

The biggest issue, the one that slaps me, as someone who has worked with several fb app developers in the face is a pretty daunting one. Oceans at War is supposed to be an FB game and to the date of this video, nobody has retracted the availability of this game to be played on FB. IN truth, as a part of the delay, one of the reasons for the delay has to do with their “shaking things up on Facebook, and so the intent of being a Facebook platform is still there. Now this is where the slap in the face comes in. In fact, in the statement where See this right here? This is the platform policy of Facebook. As of July 1, 2011 You cannot have a Facebook game that does not accept Facebook credits, period.

On the Konka site, they state that Facebook credits will not be an option as Facebook credits are easy to hack. This statement is not only dangerously close to liable, but is downright wrong. Yes, we’ve all seen them, Facebook credit generators, how to hack Facebook credits, and yadda yadda yadda. But the truth is, the last of the fb credit generators stopped working well before 2011. Not only that, but if people were to figure out how to hack fb credits, Facebook would still pay them out to developers. Why? Because rather than lose credibility on the security of their system which generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to FB as they retain 30% of all Fb gold, the media giant would rather pay out a few million dollars while their security team plugged the hole and prosecuted the offenders.

So what do you think, is Oceans at War the salvation of BP players, is it dead in the water, or is it a complete scam taking the money of the gullible? Leave your comments below and be sure to like and subscribe. Now, time to get back to making fun of Kixeye.

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  • Demo makes it look really bad lol I was excited about this new game but now after months of waiting and watching I have no interest in it now. I have a profile ready but still no way to log into the game after uploading all the requirements to play I can log on to the Konka site but not the game and after 20 tries I GIVE UP WITH THIS JOKE GAME!! End of.

    James McFarlane July 7, 2020 3:41 am Reply
  • If Kixeye had any legal right to sue Konka for copyright infringement or any other reason you're an idiot if you don't think they would…Hmm I sure remember Mafia Wars, Mob Wars, Gang Wars, and many many more games by different companies with same format…Also a thought here…Just because a certain number of people like a facebook page doesn't mean all are playing the game…You honestly think likes on the Kixeye facebook page are ALL from people who PLAY regularly? It's safe to assume some of them are from people who gave up on BP long ago and either didn't take time to unlike the page or simply don't give a rat's a$$…Experience? lol How's backyard Monsters doing lately? Yep you're right Kixeye is very experienced…

    RedBud815 July 7, 2020 3:41 am Reply
  • While I enjoyed the video and seemingly intelligent way it was put together I still wholeheartedly support konka and what they stand for to the point of taking a chance and pledging top tier. Even if they fail and I lose the money it's a risk I'm willing to take.

    Troy Pen July 7, 2020 3:41 am Reply
  • hope the game is up and running in nowember so i get a happy birthday 🙂

    Björn Flink July 7, 2020 3:41 am Reply
  • About "law" section.

    I will break it to you: "Copyright, a form of intellectual property law, protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture. Copyright does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation, although it may protect the way these things are expressed. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics"

    In particular, a company (Kixeye) cannot sue over the usage of an original idea such as a naval warfare based MMORTS. What you are suggesting is on the same level of lunacy as Bethesda suing notch over the name of his game "Scrolls". If a precedent such as THIS existed, Kix will be fighting an uphill battle.

    Legal cost can be high if the case drag on. BUT, when a legal case drag on, attention on it increases and it defeats your point about Kix not bring attention on OAW. Extended court case will drain both side's resources, but no matter how Kixeye spins it, it will become an extremely bad incident for PR, and the company's standing among gamers.

    The world is not ignorant, and a large company like Kix who want to oppress smaller indie developers will not be taken nicely, it is a company's CSR not to act in a manner where they simply SUE the competitor.

    Dislike for near zero research, have a good day.

    WTMortiferum July 7, 2020 3:41 am Reply
  • I believe OaW  will be fine,,  as long as they don't cater to the players that spend more, sounds weird yes being that a company needs money to run, but it's true, most players in this type of game, want a far chance to achieve the same as others without having to buy it . a level playing field for content in game for all players. 

    Tim Blake July 7, 2020 3:41 am Reply
  • Id comment but dont want to get into trouble…lol  

    CWiggins July 7, 2020 3:41 am Reply
  • Preach it brother. I would love to see Oceans At War launch. The question is, if it does launch, will it come out as Battleship or a Paddle Boat? 

    David May July 7, 2020 3:41 am Reply
  • This shit is brilliant…… 

    Greg Richardson July 7, 2020 3:41 am Reply
  • I thought it best to answer some of these issues directly, whilst they were all valid hurdles at some point, we're well on our way to clearing them.

    1. Lack of Funding
    Absolutely, there have been times when the funding issue has caused some sleepless nights, but we're pretty much clean sailing right now. It's worth pointing out that Fundrazr through crowd funding of our support group has not been our only means of funding, other methods have been used to allow us to produce Ocean at War and continue to do so.

    2. Lack of Interest
    Absolutely, the numbers of likes and registered users pales in comparison to games that are well established and have been out for a number of years, this is just a given. It takes time to build a core interest in the game and right now, other than Facebook, we have not done any PR campaigns to officially announce ourselves. This will change very soon and the knock on effect of that will see an increase in active interest.

    On a side note, 10,000 likes for a game that has not launched by a new developer is well above expectations, so we're not worried about this hurdle.

    3. Experience
    When we started, we were very much inexperienced in the industry, no hiding from that. But we are not almost a year old as a company and have some very big names attached to the project. The front of shop team, such as myself, moderators and some in the design team are new to the industry. However, the developers have a plethora of experience in MMO games (some with RTS experience) that can get the job done. So we have a lot of experience spread out across the team with a lot of new people in the industry adding their own fresh take on things.

    5. Themselves
    With regards to Facebook Credits, it was an answer that I made a while back. It had a few red flags over the payment system and I flatly refused it at the time. If it's something that has indeed been fixed to the point where it can't be abused, then absolutely, we'll include it on our facebook app version of the game. If there is a hint of the system being open to abuse by players who don't like to play fair, then we'll re-evaluate launching on the platform altogether. Security has been a big priority to us all along and if we can't close a door on a potential problem that allows players to gain an advantage over others unfairly, then we'd rather not use that door altogether.

    However, we are gamers come developers and thus we're learning quickly as we go along. We won't always get everything right straight away but we'll happily hold our hands up when we got something wrong which I feel will only serve the players better, as opposed to turning a blind eye to it and hoping the problem goes away.

    In terms of the other hurdle, one games developer does not hold the rights to the MMO RTS Genre. We were inspired by the same games that an other developer was inspired by, these were well known games such as Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, Civilisation etc.

    One developer does not hold sole rights to an RTS game based on naval warfare.

    We are building our own unique game after being inspired by the many RTS games we all grew up with that many developers are inspired by in this genre. We just have the added benefit of time to see the pitfalls of other developers in how it is executed as well as having staff that worked on those classical games that we all know and remember fondly.

    It's a good video that does indeed highlight some areas that face us in the challenge of building an MMO RTS, but those are hurdles that we have cleared or are in the process of clearing, so to speak. Some other hurdles such as no experience isn't true however and doesn't have any relation to where we are at now.

    Thank you for the time you took to show an interest and in supporting Ocean at War.

    On another note, may I suggest you reserve the youtube name 'Plonka' for future videos to create some light humoured videos about Ocean at War in the future? We wouldn't want to feel left out! =D

    KonkaStudios July 7, 2020 3:41 am Reply

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