SOUTH WESTERN HISTORY podcast 17 black flag expedition

South western history is the very heart beat of the southwest , If you love history and are in to the outdoors you have found your tribe , your adventure awaits , Welcome to Black Flag Adventures . Come along with as we travel to ancient locations agua fria monument, gila bend ,sedona plus many more . We enjoy the study of anasazi culture, ancient ruins , archaeology discoveries, arizona travel locations, best native american ruins and exploration, We find indian ruins near me, indian ruins near sedona, petroglyphs and pictographs. Whether your a southwest tourist or a seasoned explorer you will find plenty to see in the great southwest . Whether your looking for things to to in arizona there is plenty to see and you won’t want to miss it ! tourist locations in arizona, xplore, you drove by#comeexplorewithus #blackflagexpeditions #adventureawaits# FOLLOW ME: AS WE EXPLORE THE LOST AND THE ABANDONED . Instagram:
Twitter: Facebook: Patreon. Black Flag Expeditions Podcast https: // EDGE PSYCHOTIC/ MYTHS LEGENDS AND LIES 2019 KIT for Filmmaking, Photography & Vlogs:
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