The Manly Pinterest Tips Show – Pinterest & The Big Game With Raman Sehgal

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Join us for this episode as we talk to Raman Sehgal about *Pinterest & The Big Game*

That’s right, the big game is coming up this weekend. What’s the “Big Game” you might ask?  Well, we can’t legally say it, but it rhymes with “Pooper Coal”

I’ll be talking with +Raman Sehgal VP of Marketing for +Ahalogy all about some of the cool trends going on over on +Pinterest with the *Big Game*  We’ll also discuss some of the awesome boards over on Pinterest that is geared toward a male audience. 

Raman is the VP of Marketing for Ahalogy, which means he helps drive success and growth for brand marketers from Ahalogy’s unique Pinterest marketing solution. Before spending 10+ years leading digital and media strategy for some of the world’s biggest brands at Procter & Gamble and Dannon, Raman spent his youth as a graphic/web designer and computer engineer. Combining all these experiences with those he continues as a world traveler – Raman sees content – powered by data and insights – as a means to unlock genuine connections between people and brands. He’s based in New York.

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