VID20111013_202220 2194 corson scandal Bill Boggaard,Eric walsh,jon pollard,Selemi Masri Poison

Robert H Haigh fakes own Funeral to cover up 300,000+ IDs and the planed murders Salon Ambiance in crowd via agents.
now that key parties thoughts and motives have been seceured via multi wave uplink mojo -a semi full release of incremental data rings has been initated by one Thomas Fuller Ogden Tax Attorney and slicked back big city immigration Lawyer who acted as Phylies’s Fiducary for resolving the sales tax matter roberts employee yui pinh left – the atorney tom promised then failed on his pledge to handle ypinh’s bill. Thomas threatened lives as he briallianly wrote his last movements. this is the cruix – who will get the terrortory. who is talking. who is working under cover. who got the cookies. who if any saw this. where can I get some botanical soak.

Ray K is that really you? tell me about my shoes.
then how someone saw fit to tie it all into one package on my door step with no place left to go but up. Nice work. for the dobin clan – “the sceience” as you know it by was taught to you by a person who NEVER went through all the 37 Master training manuals that his father Rhio C Weir (Fritz was born Robert Haigh Wier – you can figgure the rest) left hidden deep under 2005 -2007 Casa Grande St. ( oh yea – ) which were found 2″ -3″ hard bound & leaf books after he died – the sealed boxes also came with a warning and instructions for destruction. Rhio had carefully stated that people were not ready for this. Robert was happy with what he allready knew with the costom taylored rap. A large book for each letter and 1 for each digit the 37th book is the 27th letter right in front of everybody and 11 22 and the one i wont mention here. all were duped by this person. see the hi rez vid – of the “un recordable funeral – Roberts fake nose falls of his face. 2008 – names and marriage and properties oh my. exploitation of a loop hole and a blind sided regulatory system. follow your name contact this channel thanks peace bam


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